In my Waiting, God is not late

“I count on one thing, the same God that never fails will not fail me now. In the waiting, the same God who’s never late is working all things out.”


Dear Me…

I’m turning 30 in September. I know. Me, a 30-year old. I’ve been trying to rack my brain around what it will feel like not being a 20-something anymore. I’ve also been trying to figure out how my 20’s went by so fast? They say your 20’s are all about learning and getting experience and […]

Engaged and Waiting to have Sex: Is There a Point?

I don’t know where it came from, or how it came into my possession, but I have this candle. It’s not a particularly nice looking candle. And the scent is entitled Mediterranean Breeze as if it were the happy hour special at a bar in Miami. Either way, this candle has been on my bedside table […]

Why Christians Don’t Know How To Talk About Sex (and what we need to do differently)…

So… I like sex. Quite a bit.  Am I allowed to say that? I’m going to jump right into this thing.  I’m assuming that most who read this blog are interested in a Jesus perspective on all sorts of different issues, and are willing to ask and think about tough questions.  And since I know […]

The Type of Sex Worth Waiting For: Looking Back After 9 Years of Marriage…

In middle school, I decided that True Love Waits. I got a purity ring that I wore on my left ring finger as a reminder that Jesus was my first love and I was saving sex for marriage. In high school, I decided to completely Kiss Dating Goodbye. Why waste my time dating before I was old […]