My Soul Is Calling Me Out…


Life is full of change.

Sometimes I don’t believe this. Sometimes life feels the same. Sometimes life feels like it will never change.

And then all of a sudden I find myself letting go of my home and letting go of a job. And then all of a sudden I’m living in a new apartment embracing the silence that leaving behind a job has created.

I know that somewhere in my heart I long for change, for the newness that comes with something different.

But change is hard.

Change involves grieving what was, in anticipation of what will be. Change involves embracing living in a state of uncertainty and discomfort for a while.

I feel like it’s fitting that I’m walking this journey during the season of Lent. Lent beckons us to reflect, to repent, to accept forgiveness, to live in hope. I always feel like the season of Lent holds some of the most grey and rainy days and I wonder how Jesus felt wandering the dessert during this season?

This year Lent is calling my soul out. Sometimes I think we have times where we just have to get the ugly stuff out. Times where we beg God to do something new in our hearts, to help us let go of all the crap we hold so tightly to, to release the darkness we harbour deep in us. I need God to do this kind of soul work in me.

I’m asking for open palms, free to let go of what I hold onto and free to receive what Jesus has for me.

So for me this year, Lent is about letting go. It’s about discovering who I am now, not who I’ve been. It’s welcoming change because I think change and hope go hand in hand.

And I want hope.

I want it really badly.

What do you need to let go of during this Lenten season? Maybe your soul needs to call you out too?


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