My Favourite Things To Cure Those Winter Blues…

It’s freezing cold outside. My car reminds me with an annoying “ding ding ding” sound every time that I start it up that it’s too cold to move. It’s easy to feel blue and down when the days are long and cold, so here’s some of my favourite things that bring some warmth to my heart and maybe will bring some to yours too…

olympic_collection_fullzip_hoodie40.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox1. The Winter Olympics are almost here and there’s no better way to support Team Canada then to wear the gear while cheering them on. 4 years ago I bought one of the Team Canada hoodies from The Bay and 4 years later it’s still in great shape. There’s a great selection of sweaters and although you might pay a little bit more, the clothing is great quality, will keep you warm, and celebrates our great country and its athletes! Go Canada Go! I feel like I should start singing the “I Believe” song! 😉

51o43qenbpl-_sx500_2. It’s that time of year again! Most of us who are Downton Abbey fans have been counting down the days until season 4 and finally it has arrived. If you haven’t gotten into the show, I highly recommend it. The other seasons are on netflix and available at Wal-mart and Best Buy. Catch up and enjoy season 4 along with me on Sunday nights at 9pm.

tetley-earl-grey-vanilla-tea3. In my opinion, this is the best tea in the world! It’s got the taste of the classic early grey, with jut a touch of vanilla. It’s perfect for a cold day and will warm your insides, while delighting your nose with it’s calming smell.

williamfitzsimmons-2404. Winter storms call for a night in your pj’s listening to some sweet melodies. What do I recommend? William Fitzsimmons! And here’s the great thing, you can sample his stuff for free, it’s available for you, for FREE right here. Get to know the Noisetrade website, there are a ton of amazing artists that you’ve probably never heard of, and their music is available for you…for free! Doesn’t get any better than that!

733961206739_p0_v2_s260x4205. I’m a big Jane Austen fan but I’ve never given in and purchased the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth) because it’s always been out of my price range. Well, not anymore! Wal-mart is selling the BBC version of P & P for $15.00…what a steal! It will make for a great night of entertainment….and really, can it get any better than P & P???

url6. I love make-up because it’s fun and can add some colour to the greyness of winter. I’ve been experimenting with different products and colours but I’ll share with you my favourite blush of all time. It’s called Orgasm – sorry for the name, not my choice, I assure you. It’s made by Nars, a very popular brand for make-up. The unique thing about this blush is that it works for every skin tone. It’s subtle and adds just a bit of colour to highlight your cheeks. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

CaramelPecanCrunchFrozenYogurt7. I love ice cream but unfortunately ice cream just doesn’t go along with my attempts at living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve found that frozen yogurt is a much healthier option. On those days when I’m struggling with a sore throat, all I want is something cold. So my favourite snack of choice is Caramel Pecan Crunch. 96% less fat and oh so yummy! It’s bound to make your taste buds happy!

single-woman-cover8. I love to read. Although it’s hard to find time for it while I have so much reading for school, I like to slip in some time for my own personal reading before I go to bed. This book won’t really hit home for any of my male readers but it’s a light hearted and encouraging read for the ladies. It’s a book called “The Single Woman: Life, Love, And A Dash Of Sass” by Mandy Hale. I highly recommend putting it on your bedside table for some before bed or early morning reading sessions. The chapters are short but leave you with lots to ponder.

9. – Laughter is medicine for the soul, especially when we are feeling down. This post is bound to make you laugh. Check it out here.

2.5.13.simplyorange10. It’s the season for sore throats, coughs and the sniffles. Make sure you are taking your vitamin c! Another great source of vitamin C is orange juice. My favourite brand is Simply Orange Juice – pulp free. After trying a few other brands, it is hands down my favourite brand of OJ. Grab a bottle at your local grocery store and keep those winter colds away!

So what are your favourite things to cure your winter blues?

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