Frump Girl.

I went through most of high school feeling like I was “frump girl”. I was overweight, well, more overweight than I am now, I wore stretch pants all the time; you know the kind with the elastic waist, the ones that come in every colour.

Yes, I was that girl.

I wore my hair straight, about shoulder length, wore a bit of bluish-white eye shadow, the kind that has just a bit of shimmer and to finish off my hot look, I rocked the skater shoes. For some reason I thought the skater shoes made me look cool, as if the stretch pants and oversized t-shirts didn’t do that for me already.

I had glasses, braces and a double chin to boot. To this day there are pictures from high school that haunt me, pictures of me trying to indiscreetly hide my double chin all the while also attempting to hide my seemingly ugly body behind my good looking friends. For some people high school represents the best days of their lives, “the glory years” as they call them. For me high school represents the frump years, and if given a choice there’s no way I’d go back.

The reason I wouldn’t go back is not just because I was frump girl, it’s become so much more than that. It’s because that nervous girl from high school, the one who walked the halls struggling just to fit in…

I don’t know who that girl is anymore.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This blog is about just that…

It’s about the random and quirky moments that have made me who I am. It’s about the people who I’ve encountered that have changed me. It’s about me getting angry, crying it out, falling down and somehow getting back up again. It’s about the things that I have observed that create the most fulfilling life. It’s about me learning to be the best me, the one God created me to be.

It’s the bits and pieces of my story, that are still in process and just maybe you’ll find a part of your story in my story.

It’s my hope that you do.

So goodbye frump girl, I hope we never meet again.

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