I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be sending my parents off to Africa. 

They are going on a learning trip for 10 days with BIC Canada. They will be learning about what BIC Kenya is up to, meeting with Kenyan church leaders, and helping to run a pastor’s conference. They also get to get to go on a Safari, visit a school and spend the day in one of the slums, plus a few other things along the way. It’s always been my Mom’s dream to get to visit Africa and so I’m excited for both her and my Dad to experience so many new things. 

However, I’m extremely nervous! 

Usually I’m the one leaving and they’re the ones staying. I feel like I’m experiencing all of these new feelings with the thought of having to let my parents go! 

I admit that I have an unusual relationship with my parents. That being that they’re two of my closest friends. They are two people that I admire, seek counsel from, look forward to having coffee with and even go to the movies with! I talk to them daily even though I don’t live at home anymore. They’re my greatest allies, my biggest cheerleaders and the most important people in my life. 

And they’re traveling across the world for 10 days. 

I know I know, 10 days…it’s only 10 days. But it’s not really the timeline that is the big thing here. It’s me having to put my parents completely in God’s hands. Which they really are always in, it just somehow seems like having them in the same province and in the same country feels safer. It’s almost like we’ve switched roles, which makes me terrified for when I will have these feelings with my own children, if I ever have any. 

How do you get to the place where you let go and just trust? 

I’m actually asking! Because I’m not sure and I’d value your opinions. 

I’d appreciate your prayers for my parents and the rest of their team as they embark on this journey together. Prayers for safety, for relationships to be formed, for hearts to be impacted and for an overwhelming awareness of God’s presence. 

I consider this having to let go just another lesson I can chalk up to my twenties! 

Boy I’m learning a lot! 😉

Tomorrow afternoon the team flies out of Toronto…bound for AFRICA!!!!

The Worried Daughter

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