Bring It On 25…

I’ve been 25 for almost 2 weeks now and do you know what?

It’s fantastic!

After being somewhat terrified of turning 25, I’ve decided 25 it is going to be the greatest thing E.V.E.R!!!!

That’s right, EVER…and let me tell you why…

At 25, I have never been more excited to embrace all that I am. And by that I mean to accept who it is exactly that God has created me to be. I don’t want to be afraid any more and I don’t want to hide any more! No more saying that I’ll just figure it out later.  This is the time and I’m ready!

This is the age where I’m finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. Me, with these hips and this smile and this hair and yes, this junk in the trunk (shake what yo mama gave you)!

This is the age where I’m finally realizing that man, and I mean man…if you want some, come and get some! And no, I don’t mean what you’re thinking! What I mean is that if you can’t see my beautiful heart and the love that I have to offer and come and get yo-self some…then sorry bud, your loss! I’m not chasing you down! And for the record…this is a new philosophy that I’m living and breathing.

This is the age where I’m learning to love more deeply, to see more clearly and to cut myself a little slack.

This is the age where I want more of Jesus; I want to know Him as my father and as my friend. I want to search more deeply than I have been, I want to listen more than I have been and I want to be more open than I have been.

25 is the year for more joy, less guilt, getting in shape, celebrating more, learning the Greek language, new friendships, new experiences, new responsibilities and new opportunities.

And I’ve decided it’s going to be fantastic.

So bring it on mid-twenties, I’m ready for you!

The Kindred Spirit

P.S. Please don’t go too fast, if 25 needed this much processing, I think 30 is gonna need a bit more! 

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