A Beautiful Day Indeed…

It would be ridiculous of me to say that I am going to start trying harder at blogging, since you could simply scroll down the page to find a similar promise written on not just one blog post, but several. However, I do have hopes to try yet again to blog a bit more. I think a lot about blogging but actually sitting down and putting some of my thoughts on here is a whole other ball game apparently. Perhaps it is because I struggle with the question of how much to actually share. Where do you draw the line from your heart to your mind to this blog? I’m not quite sure? When I first began blogging I shared easily….rambled on about every little thing that seemed to come across my mind but as the years have passed I think I’ve become either more selective on what to share or perhaps just more closed to sharing. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not but it’s the truth nonetheless. 
The summer has been an interesting one thus far. It definitely hasn’t looked the way that I thought it would but I’m actively trying to learn to give thanks in whatever aspect of life I’m in. I’ve gotten the chance to meet many wonderful people in Kitchener and I’m learning a lot about myself…..just when you think you know yourself fairly well, you find out you might not be as certain as you thought!
One of my favourite hobbies is photography and I generally am always snapping pics of my daily activities and whereabouts….pictures are a great way to save memories….here’s a few from the past week or so….
Gotta love a summer pedicure! 
Yes….that’s my baby….first tow he’s ever received! 😦

These are a few of my Jr. High ladies at their grade 8 grad….don’t they look beautiful….I am so proud! 
This is Paul Williams….the brilliant British lead pastor I get to work with this summer….Paul and his family arrived a year ago from Brazil….he was really getting into the Canada Day spirit, can’t you tell! 
If some of you didn’t realize today is Canada Day and a beautiful day it was! Today I give thanks to live in such a wonderful country. I’m thankful for freedom, for beauty, for multiculturalism, for the opportunity to experience 4 seasons and some very unique provinces. I love being Canadian and today I declare it proudly! 
Hope that wherever tonight finds you that you’ll breathe in deeply and realize it’s a beautiful moment, 
~Darc 🙂

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