A Short Little Update From Moi…

Oh wow…..these past few weeks seem to have been the busiest EVER!!!!!!

First of all I moved….again, yes I know!

But I just moved down the road….it’s a lovely house. I had a bit of a meltdown trying to move my stuff from a very large room to a very small room but I’m moved in, mostly and adjusting quickly to my smaller but very cozy room. It still needs to be painted but that will come. Unfortunately I hurt my back and neck and have been trying to nurse those injuries for the last week (blah) and hopefully they will be somewhat better when I leave for Haiti next Thursday.


You heard me correctly….I’m flying to Haiti next Thursday to visit my very best friend and kindred spirit Diana. I’ll be staying with her for 12 days and I’m a bit nervous to say the least. Nervous for so many reasons, most of which I’m not sure I can even explain. I still have to pack but I have had a twinrex vaccine, a typhoid vaccine, a cholera vaccine and some malaria pills, which are still going strong for another 6 weeks, too bad there’s nothing to prepare me for the heat I’m about to experience! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to blog a bit in Haiti and I can fill you in on my short term experience. I’d greatly appreciate your prayers.

I’d also like to share a few of this cutie pie pics with you…..hello Halloween….

Aren’t these seriously the cutest kids!

So I apologize for my short update….hopefully I’ll blog more later.

Sweet Dreams,

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