I’m Speechless So I’ll Blog About It…

I’m still in utter disbelief….

I was watching Oprah today…

yes, I know….

moving on….Oprah had a man on the show who has 4 wives and 16 children all together.

4 WIVES!!!!

All of the wives and their kids, except for one, live under one roof.

And I watched the show and listened to these women talk and in all honesty they seem fairly happy but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding as a woman how it’s ok to share your husband with 3 other women?

I’m having trouble understanding how you have a marriage and all the things that marriage means with someone who you know is married to other people as well.

I just don’t get it?

Honestly, I’ve just never seen anything like it in my life….I had to blog about it…lol!

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