They’re Getting MARRIED!!!!

So about a month and a bit ago one of my very best friends got ENGAGED! This is BIG news. For such a long time my dear sweet friends Vicki and Diana have been my single ladies….we’ve walked the single road hand in hand celebrating the joys of the life and struggling with the longings […]

Love, Love, LOVE FALL!!!!

 Oh how I love fall… We took a little trip to the pumpkin patch! Above is me sling shooting a little gourd….check out that form!  These have got to be the cutest little twins ever…and they have red hair, which seriously makes them like 10 times cuter and they’re on teddy bear leashes…be still my […]

My Brother, The Musician…

For us Canadians this past weekend was Thanksgiving and boy did we have beautiful weather! I had to work most of the long weekend but thankfully I had the Saturday off. I got to spend the day with friends and family and I even managed to fit in some time to practice my photography skills […]