The Only Tragedy in Life is to Feel Nothing…

Yesterday I felt like I had my heart ripped out, again. It’s happened for the past two years at this time and I should be used to it by now but it seems that it only gets worse every year. After a wonderful summer home my best friend flew back this morning to her second home just outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti. I cried as she pulled out of my driveway. I think I’m getting more emotional as I get older. I decided last night that I needed to go for a drive, my Mom wanted to come with, a decision I’m sure she regretted when halfway through the drive while she was talking I just started sobbing out of nowhere. She just listened and let me cry. I tell you, I think Moms are the best medicine for any ache. Crying is one of the best releases I know, it doesn’t make it better but it just feels better to cry, maybe it’s a woman thing?

Goodbye’s are the worst. Right after the person leaves you have this rush of memories of all the time spent together, all the coffee, all the laughs, all the drives and vents and tears you’ve shared. You think about how you’ve watched each other grow and change into the person they are today and how you wouldn’t be the person you are today if you hadn’t known them. And you have to let them go, until they come back, whenever that may be. 
I’m beginning to think it’s much harder to be the one standing in the driveway than the one driving away.  
But I can’t forget that it’s been a wonderful summer. I am blessed. Here’s a few of my favs…
Someone once said that the only tragedy in life is to feel nothing at all. I agree. Because whether I’m flying high or valley deep, even though I wouldn’t always choose what I feel I have to believe that it’s somehow playing a role in shaping who I am and who I’m becoming. 
I hope you are blessed with all the feelings of life whether they are high or low or somewhere in between. And I hope that you are blessed to experience friendship like I have, I think everyone deserves to have friends who love like mine do. 
And here’s to hoping Fall will hold even more joy than the summer has!
Yours Truly, 
The Kindred Spirit

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