A Beautiful Evening for a Baptism…

This past Tuesday I had a chance to attend the baptism of two very special people. Jen and her daughter Sydney were baptized out at the lake at a beautiful cottage. You may remember me mentioning Jen before, she is the photographer (check her blog out under my links) and she has been teaching me a lot about photography. She asked if I would take some pictures at the baptism and of course I said yes. I mean when a wonderful photographer like Jen asks an amateur to take some shots at such a special ceremony there was no way I was saying no! Here is a peek at some of the moments I had the chance to capture….

The evening was a wonderful celebration of what God has done and is continuing to do in the lives of Jen & Sydney. The night was shared with good friends overlooking a beautiful scene and if I may add the cake was delicious. I so look forward to seeing more of the plans that God is unfolding in the lives of this family. 
Yours Truly, 

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