Going To The Chapel…

This past Saturday I went to a wedding. Two of my friends got hitched…..and I think everyone at that wedding would echo my sentiments in saying “it’s about time”! Derek and Sarah Sherk (that has a nice ring to it) were pretty much created to be together. Anyone whose grown up with them can say that when they weren’t dating we all knew that they should be dating and I don’t think any of us could ever really see one of them without the other. Derek knew this from the start, Sarah started out knowing it but forgot it for a while, but Derek waited patiently trusting that God would work it out and she would remember it again. Last summer all seemed right with the world when they declared publicly that they were officially dating and a few months later all of our hearts skipped a beat when Derek proposed to Sarah over the Christmas Holidays! Finally July 3rd came and we all cheered as they tied the knot. It was a beautiful day full of wonderful friends and whole lot of fun! Here’s a little taste of the day….

Not only did Sarah and Derek get married but me and my girls were reunited at last!!!

Don’t you just love to celebrate LOVE!!!! I know I do!
I wonder who will be next?!?
~The Kindred Spirit

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