Oh I Went Down To Georgia…

So a few months ago I planned to take a little visit down south to visit one of my closest friends. Her name is BJ (Brittany Joy) and she lives in the beautiful state of Georgia. Last Saturday I flew into Atlanta and spent the next four days catching up, seeing the city and having some very fine dining experiences. My body wasn’t used to the extreme heat and humidity so I drank water like crazy and seemed to “glow” every where I went! A few highlights of my trips were getting to see the Laser Show at Stone Mountain, going to the Georgia Aquarium, seeing the Coke Museum and attending 12Stone (BJ’s church) which if I may add has a Starbucks in it…..I know! I also enjoyed the fine dining at the Cheesecake Factory, ChicfilA and The Cracker Barrell…..yummy! My flight home was delayed due to bad weather in Atlanta so I had plenty of time to sit in the airport and people watch….there were tons of delays and cancellations! When we were finally in the air I got the change to witness one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen….it was like a lightening show below the plane the entire way home, the sky just lit up. My window seat on the Delta plane gave me a birds eye view of the mystery and beauty of a part of God’s creation, it was magnificent.   I’ve included just a few highlight pics of my trip below….hope you enjoy!

This last picture is my view of Atlanta just as the plane was leaving the city via sky! Flying at night does have it’s benefits!

Getting to see new places and visit with friends is such a blessing. I’m already looking forward to my next trip…..wherever that may be!

Sweet Dreams Y’all,
~The Kindred Spirit

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