A Mother’s Day in Paris…

So this past Sunday was Mother’s Day. Now at Wainfleet BIC we think Mother’s Day is a big deal. Mom’s are a gift from God and they need to be recognized, celebrated and made to feel special! This year our Mother’s Day theme was ‘A Mother’s Day in Paris’. We had an amazing team that worked to put this together and it turned out to be a fantastic morning. We had french music, french food, a Paris toilet paper fashion show where the Mom’s got to strut their stuff and of course a couple of mimes…..does it get any better than that?!? The Mom’s look fabulous and it was so awesome getting to see the kids having a blast with their Moms in Paris! I know I’m pretty lucky to have the BEST Mom ever and I don’t think I tell her that enough. She has empowered me again and again and is a constant reminder of God’s love for me. It would be my great ambition to be half the woman that she is. So thanks to all the Mom’s who give and give and give some more. May you feel loved and blessed and realize that you enable your kids to SHINE! Happy Mom’s Day to you. 
Here’s a few pics from the morning…

Yours Truly,
~The Kindred Spirit

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