I live in a small country town called Wainfleet. The kind of town where if you don’t know everyone personally you at least know of everyone. The local arena is the hub, the beervondale (as we call it) is the town’s supplier for the locals beverage of choice, the ladies at my bank all know my name and smile when I walk in, and of course we have a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate our first traffic light. As much as I can complain about the rural life, it does have its benefits.

Last week after work I stopped at the Pioneer Gas Station in Fonthill to fill up my gas tank. I filled it up, went into pay and then got back in my car and drove off not thinking any more about it.

The next day my Dad asked me if I was missing my credit card? I looked at him puzzled. He asked me if I heard the message on the answering machine. I said no, ran upstairs to check my wallet and then proceeded to head to the small machine in the living room to have a listen to the message.

The message was from a woman in our community who I don’t know personally but who I know of. She said her husband had found a credit card with my name on it and recognized the name. The card was now safe in their possession at their house. After looking in my wallet I was relieved to see my credit card still in it’s place however my debit card not. I immediately back tracked in my mind to where I could have used my debit card and somehow lost it. The gas station was the only option. It must have slid out of my wallet on my short walk back from the store to my car. I went to pick it up and thanked the woman a million times for calling me and for keeping it safe.

What are the chances that someone would see the card, pick it up, recognize my name, find my number and give me a call?

Through this happening I am reminded of two things.

First: There are some real good people in this here town of mine and it can be a wonderful thing to be a part of a community where everyone knows everyone or at least knows of everyone.

Second: I have a Heavenly Father who cares about something as little as a lost debit card.

Cheers to the small town life,
~The Kindred Spirit

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