Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

I moved into my new house at the end of last summer. I have a very large and beautiful room which is painted an earthy green right now. The green is nice but it’s not me. My room in my old house was a very vibrant yellow….which I attribute to my high school season. I loved the yellow but I’m trying to move on to a more mature look! I also have a few walls in my room that are wood…..since it is a century home. A while ago I went to the Benjamin Moore paint store and left with a ton of paint chips and thus a ton of choices. I showed people my top choices and took their opinions but I never really did come to a conclusion. I left it at that for a while. Today I drove my Mom to her hair appointment in town so I had to kill some time while I waited. I decided to cruise the shops along the canal. I found one shop that had some amazing decor items which are in the colour scheme I am imaging for my room. All of a sudden I found myself back in the Benjamin Moore paint store ready to make a choice then and there and with no paint chips in hand. I decided I was going to make a choice on my own without any help, although the man in the store did help me a bit since I know nothing about paint. The final colour choice is called cool aqua! It’s not yellow but it’s a vivacious bluish green that I think will look fabulous on my walls. I’ll make sure to post some pics of the final outcome.

I consider this an important step in my career as an adult.


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