Skies Explode…

I’m like the farthest from morning person that you can get. I like staying up late, I like sleeping in and mornings are difficult for me. I can’t even believe I’m uttering these words but I think I might be changing. Since I started working at Bethesda 7 months ago I’ve gotten plenty of opportunities to greet the day. When I work a dayshift I usually get up at 5:15am and leave the house by 6:15am. As I’m driving to work the moon is setting on one side of me while on the other side the sky is exploding with colours as the sun breaks through the darkness. It’s quite a contrast really. I’ve discovered that there is something about getting up early and getting things in motion first thing.  At the group home I love getting the ladies up and showered and through the breakfast routine while jamming to tunes in the kitchen while the sun is shining through the kitchen windows. I like it, I might even like it enough to try it when I don’t have to work! All I can think about when I get to drive to work early and watch the sun rise is how it is like an explosion of beauty that I get a chance to witness, I get to be a part of the show that God puts on each day. One of my adventure goals this summer is to get some of my friends together and get up super early and road trip to somewhere beautiful and watch the sun rise while eating breakfast together. I’ll make sure to post some pics when it happens.

I hope that even if you’re a night hawk like me that you’ll give the morning a try….the alarm bites but the beauty is to come and you’ll get to see the skies explode!

~The Kindred Spirit

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