Because He’s MY Friend…

I love Easter. Spring is in the air and I just have this feeling of new life. It’s a time to celebrate that Jesus didn’t stay dead…..He has risen!

Yesterday was a busy day. I worked the 3-11 shift on Saturday and then got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning to meet with my church family to watch the sun come up and celebrate the risen Son! Then I ran home for a quick wardrobe change and then back to the church to get ready for 2:52 Basics. After 2:52 I watched the third Easter performance of “The Door”, which was excellent by the way! I headed home for lunch and then off to work another afternoon shift. The day was jam packed full but it was great. Somewhere in all this business, I had a moment. I was in the 2:52 Basics room downstairs at church and the team was getting ready for the morning. I had briefly talked to our storyteller for that morning and she mentioned that she wasn’t going to use the story outlined this week since it just wasn’t fitting with the morning….I encouraged her to do this. I didn’t really know what she was going to do but she’s the kind of woman you just trust with things like this. She told the kids that they were going to tell the story today…..she began to lead them through a series of questions where they got to share what they knew about Jesus and how they knew that. Lots of children raised their hands and shared things but there was one little girl in the room who stole all of our hearts with her answer. She raised her hand and said simply “He’s a friend”. The storyteller looked at the child over her glasses that sat on her nose and asked her how she knew this. The little girl replied by saying “because He’s MY friend”. Silence. We all held our breath for a moment as that simple statement closed the story time. I choked back tears to compose myself enough to finish the large group time but that thought stayed with me.

How one little girl can really sum Easter up in one simple statement baffles me but I guess that’s the thing about God’s love and grace…’s just baffling.

I hope you can remember that simple statement today too.

Happy Easter,

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