Making a Difference, One Penny at a Time…

So I learned about the cutest and most amazing thing at church this past Sunday. One of the mom’s who had a little boy in 2:52 Basics (the Sunday School program that I’m really involved in) came up to me to share her son’s latest project. Back tracking a little bit….we’ve been talking about helping others in 2:52 and our latest offering project is Helping Haiti….we’re raising money to help them in any way we can. Well this little boy has been working so hard on making these necklaces that have penny at the centre and he’s called the campaign….helping Haiti one Penny At a Time. His mom owns a store in St. Catharines called Once Upon A Child and she made a little sign with his picture and the necklaces that people can buy for a dollar. So the boy has been putting tons of time and energy into making and selling these necklaces. He came into Sunday School on Sunday holding a little baggy with $40 to put in our offering container….and this boy is not one to brag but I had to share with the other kids what he’s been doing. This story breaks my heart in a good way.

Small things can make a big difference, take it from a little boy in grade 1.

Seize the day,

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