Heaven is the Face

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Steven Curtis Chapman but he is a popular Christian artist. He’s been singing for quite a long time…..I grew up listening to his stuff. A few months ago his daughter was killed in a horrible accident. Anyways he wrote a song called ‘Heaven is the Face’ for his […]

I Caught The Bouquet!!!!

This is Amber’s bouquet from her wedding 2 weeks ago! I caught it after she threw it and can you believe that this is the first bouquet I have ever caught? I actually fought for the thing…I knocked it right out of my best friend’s hands….it was great! Anyways it is a beautiful bouquet…..the flowers […]

I’m Back!!!!

Summer is over and I’m back in Wainfleet. I just got back on Sunday from my road trip to Nashville with Joy and can I just say that is was the best trip of my life! Nashville is an amazing city and there is tons of stuff to do. We spent our 5 days there […]