Summer Lovin…

So I’m pretty much inspired right now. I just watched a really powerful clip on YouTube….check it out:

It’s called 99 balloons and it’s a powerful story about love.

I’m about halfway through my summer now and I’m starting to feel it a bit. I’m getting tired but I’m trying to find the energy to keep things fun and exciting. There are so amazing guests that come to visit camp every summer. This being my second year is wonderful because I recognize so many of the guests and some of them even remember me.

Working and hanging out with the guests brings me such joy but it also makes me think a lot. I think about what we value as humans and what gives us our worth. The truth is that we have value and worth just because we are made in God’s image. That simple fact makes us all worthy of life and love. I’ve been blessed to have a great team to work with here at Christian Horizons as well. Jessica and Ang (featured in the picture below) are on the rec team with me and they are wonderful! Last week we celebrated Canada Day and it was an absolute blast. The weather was rainy for most of the day but cleared up in the evening so we could have a campfire and fireworks. We did karaoke in the morning and we had an indoor carnival in the afternoon….where I had an opportunity to practice my face-painting skills. It was so good to celebrate together…..I love Canada and we are so blessed to live in a wonderful country. I just love having opportunities to celebrate together with people….I think it’s one of the most precious gifts. Watching the fireworks in the beautiful Paisley sky filled me with this sense of wonder. God is so big but yet He chooses to care for me.

Anyways I hope you’re all having a great summer. I had a chance to come home this past weekend and some exciting news happening with my family is that we are moving…..just down the road but it’s a beautiful house and it’s very exciting. I’ll have to post some pictures as soon as we move (which will be at the end of the summer).

Here’s a few of my favourite summer pics so far….

Keep Loving,

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