‘Twas the week of Wedding Bliss…

It’s hard to believe that school is done….for good! At least for a little while…..that is if I ever decide to go back. My graduation will be in June but I’m done school….wowzers….seems like I just started…and now it’s time to become an adult and get a real job. I’ve never been so scared in my life! It’s true that a lot can happen in two years though….I’ve made some amazing friends. After our last exam a bunch of us went out to celebrate….here’s a few pics…

This week is absolutely a crazy one! Erin and Jesse’s wedding is on Saturday and my Mom and I are emceeing the wedding so we are busy getting ready for that. Jessica and I are leaving for Christian Horizons next Monday. I worked there last summer for 3 months as a support worker (see previous summer blogs) but this summer I’m returning as the program coordinator and Jess will be my assistant so if you remember please pray for us! I’m really excited for the summer and for getting a chance to work with Jess. I’m trusting that the Lord will help us make this summer great and that He will have some great things in store for us too! I’ll try and keep my blog updated as to how the summer is going and I’ll for sure have some lovely pics up on facebook!

I’ve been working on a music playlist for the reception this evening…. and I must say that all this love song business is putting me in the mood for a wedding. There’s nothing like Tony Bennett’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ to make you want to grab the one you love and stroll the dance floor…..although there won’t be a dance at this wedding, I can certainly use my imagination!

Sweet Dreams….especially to all you lovers out there (do I sound like a DJ?) :),
The Kindred Spirit

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