So my good friend Stacey and I have been working for the last couple of weeks on an assistive device for our Technology for Special Needs Class and with the help of my Dad we adapted an old sled and created the ZOOM sled, also known as the Red Lady. There are a few pics below of the sled before and after and our presentation board. We’re hoping to find a family who could put the sled to good use so if you know anyone let me know. We also made a pretty sweet commercial with the Zoom Zoom song remixed to all different types of music….it’s pretty great. I also loved getting to spend so much time with Stac….that was definitely a highlight…..hopefully our mark will be high!

My Dad’s pretty pro when it comes to woodworking…..we couldn’t have done the project without him. I’m a pretty luck girl to have such great parents! 🙂

Hope y’all have a good night (y’all is my new word…lol).


One thought on “ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM…

  1. thanks for posting these pics!looks like you and stacey need to go into business with this new invention…. just make sure you give your dad some of the profit! 😉

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