You Get The Best of Both Worlds :)

So today was a windy but beautiful sunny day. My great friend Leanne and my brother Greg and I went to see the new Hannah Montana movie. I know it’s probably pathetic that I’m 21 and I’m a huge Miley Cyrus fan….but I loved the movie and would definitely recommend it. I must say it was pretty cute seeing all the little kids in the theatre. Here’s a few pics from the outing…

It was pretty funny when Greg went up to get his ticket….he muttered “one for Hannah Montanna”….the girl laughed at him and asked him if he was paying for a nap….I was laughing my head off! We also ended our trip with a short walk at the peer but it was still a little too chilly to walk for long!

Tomorrow morning is our annual sunrise service….our church meets at 6:45 to celebrate the resurrection….it’s always a highlight! I am not a morning person in the least but it’s always worth dragging my butt out of bed early Easter Sunday!

Hopefully I can get in a nap sometime tomorrow too….lol!

Sweet Dreams,

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