So today I forgot my cell phone at home and only realized it when I was halfway to school. I started to mentally panic because I didn’t have time to turn around and get it. I was thinking….oh man what if I get stranded or something! Then I remembered a time not so long ago when I didn’t have a cell phone and I drove around everywhere without one. A time where if you got stranded then you would just walk to someone’s house and beg for some help or at least a phone call. So I pressed on to school without my cell phone and I did not get stranded. Boy things change fast!

Along the same lines as things changing fast….I just joined twitter. My Dad kept talking about joining so I joined and he still hasn’t….I’ll just keep nagging him until he does. So I like to tweet….hahaha! I am a facebook feen but I’m pretty clueless when it comes to Twitter…hopefully I can learn. All I know is I actually feel connected to famous people who I have never met before…it’s really quite odd and maybe a little stalkerish, but isn’t that why all these internet wonders like facebook and twitter are so popular….because people long and love to be connected with each other! I think it’s fun…..and I think you should join twitter if you haven’t because I really don’t know a lot of people on there personally and it would be nice to have some actual twitter friends!

Happy tweeting to me and you (maybe)!

🙂 Darc

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