It’s funny how you can think one thing
And you think this other person is on the same page as you
But really,
it’s like night and day.
And when you figure it out,
the only word that comes to mind is ‘idiot’.

Perhaps it’s the story of everyone’s life at some point.
In the moment it doesn’t seem to matter.
It doesn’t seem to matter that others can relate.
All that matters is the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.
Nothing can make it better and you somehow can’t escape it.
So, you let it run its course.
Eventually it passes, at least that is the hope.

It’s funny how the thing that can make you break your walls down,
can also make you build them sky high.
You build them so high and so strong,
so that pit feeling knows it’s never welcome to return.
Sometimes it doesn’t get the message.
Note to self: build higher, stronger walls.

One day when your walls are so high and so strong and you are alone,
you will wonder if building higher, stronger walls was the answer?
There might be a chance that the pit feeling was meant to be.
Could there be a lesson in the pit?
Perchance is the pit actually protection?
Why does protection have to hurt?
Too many unanswered questions.

As we grow and learn we never completely forget the pit.
Sometimes it returns in other faces,
but it’s still recognizable because we will never forget that feeling.
The feeling that laid the foundation for our walls.
And with fingers crossed you may have learned by now
that only two things break down the walls.
Love and Hope.
In all their many facets they, together can break down walls.
Or prevent you from building them in the first place.
Note to self: Resist the urge to build higher, stronger walls
or any wall at all for that matter.

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