Welcome to the Twenty-Somethings…

Wow….looking at those pics below from my tropical vacation…..it seems like forever ago! Well I have started school….thus the reason for the lack of blogging! It’s interesting….the world of college I mean. I must say I feel like the only christian in the whole place! I like learning about things that I am intersted in though. Everything is group work, which sometimes is frustrating but a constant thing I need to surrender to the Lord. I have met some cool people. Friday is my birthday…..I am quite excited. Tomorrow is my last day of being a teenager. I don’t exactly know what to feel. I will never be a teenager again. Never be classified as a teen. Will I feel like I am too old to buy those teen magazines….lol….not that I do that often. I am no longer in those teen statistics. Some people struggle with the 20th birthday. I am excited…..it’s like a new chapter. The chapter of adolesence…..I will be in my twenty’s! Just saying it sounds crazy. There is potential to graduate, get a new job, get married, have children, move out of my parent’s house…..lol….not all in that order…..but these are all potential things for the 20 somethings. Scary? Yes, it is. There is potential for joy and disappointment. Lord, I give you these 20 somethings! I think I am ready, I mean I am not sure how ready you can be, but I feel ready to be 20. So any advice for the 20’s…..how were/are your 20’s….I would be fascinated to hear from you!

I should head to bed….back to school in the morning….lol,
The Kindred Spirit

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