There’s nothing like a beach wedding to leave you with more dreams for the future…

This time last week I was in Myrtle Beach enjoying the sound and feel of the ocean. One of our friends, Katie Hamilton, was getting married. The wedding was beautiful, she was a gorgeous bride. I love weddings. I have never been to a beach wedding before. We took a few extra days and vacationed. The whole time I felt like I was living a dream. Laying by the pool, swimming in the ocean, not doing any work, late night cruises, shopping….it was wonderful. The only other thing that would have made it perfect would have been the man of my dreams holding my hand as I walked the beach……..maybe one day. Here are a few pics from the trip….

These are just a few teasers….let me know if you want to see more. So the trip was great except for our van breaking down on the way there and so it took us 22 hours to get there! Then on the way home our van wasn’t fixed on time, so it took us 23 hours to get home and yes we drove straight through! My poor Dad had to stop a few times to catch a few winks of sleep….he did such a great job though. We were all pretty tired when we got home. I find it a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things after such a relaxing vacation. But life can’t be all play, there has to be some work too….so this week it’s back to school for me. I am a bit nervous and excited and everything in between! Plus 2:52 Basics (our new Sunday school program) starts next Sunday. The fall is bringing some craziness but I don’t mind, it does make life interesting! I continue to pray that the Lord would just continue to weave his blessing and guidance into everything! Anyways I better head to bed, I will write more later.

Sweet Dreams,
The Kindred Spirit

One thought on “There’s nothing like a beach wedding to leave you with more dreams for the future…

  1. You did an awesome job up front today! Good luck at school this week. (And Don’t fret – the man of your dreams is out there!!) The Lord has YOUR unique journey all planned out for you!

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