Monday Morning…’s COMING!!!!

I think Monday is one of the hardest days of the week. It’s the first day after the weekend. Monday mornings are definitely the days when you just want to keep hitting that alarm when it goes off in the morning. You have a whole week with lots to accomplish, stresses, worries, deadlines….and who knows what else could happen? You spend Sunday night dreading that monday morning. But who knows…..maybe Monday will bring something wonderful, maybe some monday I will wake up and not be tired? I will have to keep hoping for that wonderful monday. My friend Diana gave me a new personalized starbucks travel mug for my birthday…..that is one thing that may make my monday morning a little better….some tea in the new mug! It’s those little things that make the difference some days. Sunday mornings are one of the most high-energy mornings ever….our new sunday school program is crazy fun, a lot of work but it is amazing. However, I do leave the church sweating buckets, ready for a nap and in need of another weekend! Perhaps that is why monday mornings seem so brutal.

Today I went to Starbucks and got my usual green tea frap….however I tried it light…..bad choice. First of all I didn’t get any whipped cream and it tasted different. Different in a bad way. There is a reason most people don’t get light. Light usually means that things don’t taste as good. So next time I’m just getting the regular frap…..might as well pay for something delicious then pay for something light and be wishing you would have bought the regular one the whole time.

After church, before the Starbucks run, a bunch of people went to Swiss Chalet for lunch. Swiss Chalet is my favourite restaurant right? Yes. But, NOT TODAY! My potpie was burnt and half the size it’s supposed to be and the waitress was the rudest waitress ever! I had to force myself to tip her because I knew it was the right thing to do….but everything inside of me screamed DON’T TIP HER! You’ll be relieved to know I didn’t give into those urges, but I gave her the evil eye and not impressed tone of voice. However maybe she was having a bad day and maybe she wished she could have been at church instead of working….lol……that’s right, gotta think positive……try and believe the best about people… occasionaly helps take the edge off of the bitterness over the poor service.

I bought the new Thousand Foot Krutch cd off of itunes….haven’t listened carefully to the whole thing but so far I am pretty impressed. It is called The Flame In All Of Us….check it out!

Tomorrow I have to go to the doctor’s office to get my TB shot, which is a requirement for my program. I really hope it doesn’t hurt. I suggested to my mom that maybe she should come with me to the doctor’s just in case I am in so much pain that I can’t drive home. She thinks I’ll be fine. I hope she’s right. Unfortunately I have to go back to the dotor’s office on Wednesday as well….the TB shot is like a 2 step process…..which means I have to miss a class. I am one of those people who freaks over having to miss a class. I think to myself that I will get behind and never catch up….etc etc etc. I was the girl in highschool who never bought out of class during the buy-ins just because I could use that time to catch up on homework and have a class with very few people. Call me a dork…..I call it dedication and maybe perhaps a tad bit of analness.

I saw the movie Sydney White on Friday night…..and no that wasn’t meant to rhyme. I love chick flicks. I give this movie 5 stars. 1 star for good humour. 1 star for good acting. 1 star for a good storyline. 1 star for playing the Jesse McCartney song ‘Beautiful Soul’, and 1 star for the lead actor being very cute. I recommend this movie if you love chick flicks…..a great date movie!

I have my first exam of the term this week. I hope I do well. These exams are all worth a chunk of my mark which puts a little more pressure on. Study Study Study!

The new season of Grey’s Anatomy starts this Thursday. I was not impressed with last season. I felt like it started to become so dark. So I will watch this weeks episode to see if this season seems better…..if not…..I will have to find a new show!

Bible Study also resumes this week. We are studying the book “The Lies Women Believe”… is sooo good! It seems kind of humourous that I have to rush home from bible study to catch Grey’s…..any other Grey’s fans out there?

Well I guess I should start preparing for Monday morning. I hope this Sunday evening finds you all well. I hope even more that Monday morning finds you well. Maybe you can join with me in praying as you wake up tomorrow morning and start a new week, “Lord, I just can’t do this day without you….come with me every step, every road, every hall, every classroom, it just doesn’t make sense without you”.


Welcome to the Twenty-Somethings…

Wow….looking at those pics below from my tropical vacation… seems like forever ago! Well I have started school….thus the reason for the lack of blogging! It’s interesting….the world of college I mean. I must say I feel like the only christian in the whole place! I like learning about things that I am intersted in though. Everything is group work, which sometimes is frustrating but a constant thing I need to surrender to the Lord. I have met some cool people. Friday is my birthday…..I am quite excited. Tomorrow is my last day of being a teenager. I don’t exactly know what to feel. I will never be a teenager again. Never be classified as a teen. Will I feel like I am too old to buy those teen magazines….lol….not that I do that often. I am no longer in those teen statistics. Some people struggle with the 20th birthday. I am excited…’s like a new chapter. The chapter of adolesence…..I will be in my twenty’s! Just saying it sounds crazy. There is potential to graduate, get a new job, get married, have children, move out of my parent’s house…….not all in that order…..but these are all potential things for the 20 somethings. Scary? Yes, it is. There is potential for joy and disappointment. Lord, I give you these 20 somethings! I think I am ready, I mean I am not sure how ready you can be, but I feel ready to be 20. So any advice for the 20’s… were/are your 20’s….I would be fascinated to hear from you!

I should head to bed….back to school in the morning….lol,
The Kindred Spirit

There’s nothing like a beach wedding to leave you with more dreams for the future…

This time last week I was in Myrtle Beach enjoying the sound and feel of the ocean. One of our friends, Katie Hamilton, was getting married. The wedding was beautiful, she was a gorgeous bride. I love weddings. I have never been to a beach wedding before. We took a few extra days and vacationed. The whole time I felt like I was living a dream. Laying by the pool, swimming in the ocean, not doing any work, late night cruises, shopping….it was wonderful. The only other thing that would have made it perfect would have been the man of my dreams holding my hand as I walked the beach……..maybe one day. Here are a few pics from the trip….

These are just a few teasers….let me know if you want to see more. So the trip was great except for our van breaking down on the way there and so it took us 22 hours to get there! Then on the way home our van wasn’t fixed on time, so it took us 23 hours to get home and yes we drove straight through! My poor Dad had to stop a few times to catch a few winks of sleep….he did such a great job though. We were all pretty tired when we got home. I find it a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things after such a relaxing vacation. But life can’t be all play, there has to be some work too….so this week it’s back to school for me. I am a bit nervous and excited and everything in between! Plus 2:52 Basics (our new Sunday school program) starts next Sunday. The fall is bringing some craziness but I don’t mind, it does make life interesting! I continue to pray that the Lord would just continue to weave his blessing and guidance into everything! Anyways I better head to bed, I will write more later.

Sweet Dreams,
The Kindred Spirit