Farewell Reitman’s, So Long 50% Discount…

Today was a bitter-sweet day. It was my last official shift at Reitman’s. For the past year retail has been my ‘pay my way for school’ job. I have enjoyed working there, being in the mall, buying clothes with a sweet discount. However, I have learned that the way of sales is just not for me. I hate selling, I hate the pressure of forcing people to consider spending more money that they probably could be putting to better use! In my heart of hearts I am just not a sales girl, although many of you would probably beg to differ….sorry for those of you who I upsold! Today was a great last day, it was busy, I worked with a great team and I think that provided good closure. So for those of you who occasionaly make special trips to visit me at the store I would like to inform you that I am now just another shopper just like you. For those of you who avoid Reitman’s while I am working so I don’t try and upsale you, the coast is now clear, you can shop again! I will still be available if any of you need a fashion consultant. In other news I learned that my dear friend and sister BJ, most of you will know her as my YouthBuilder teammate is also a fellow blogger, I linked her site on my favourite links. As she would say “y’all better check it out”! This evening Diana and I made our third trip to starbucks this week. We figure since I am going to be in Myrtle Beach for a wedding for 5 days we better get as many trips as possible in. Tonight we scored the really comfy couches, so we took advantage of the comfort and wonderful atmoshpere and talked the night away. That has become one of my favourite things to do. Go to Starbucks with some close friends and just talk. Diana and I often play the question game. We take turns asking each other questions about everything, one topic leads to another and we find ourselves in the most fascinating discussion ever. I highly recomend it. We also made a random trip to Gateway Niagara just because we felt like a late night cruise. To make things even more random we bought matching sweaters from ‘The Great Canadian Superstore’, who knew they sold clothing! For the record we only bought matching sweaters because we both loved the same sweater and the other colours it came in were just not very appealing! Oh it is wonderful to have friends who you can feel so free to be yourself with and have a blast! Well it’s getting late and I should head to bed, tomorrow morning will probably come too soon. I am glad to have a place to write, there is something about writing your thoughts out that is like a release. Whether it is my deepest thoughts to my thoughts like today, I love it. Thanks for reading! (oh and for the record the picture shown is actually of my Reitman’s store at the seaway mall =) )

Sweet Dreams,

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