Beware of Hair Straighteners on the Floor…

Well to say the least, this has been a busy week. So much to do, can you believe it is already August! I am heading back to Chesley Lake for a few days on Saturday….that is hopefully, if my work schedule permits it. I am looking forward to that. I will probably have to make both trips, there and back, alone, just me and my rav. The 4 hour drive hopefully will only take me 4 hours if I don’t get lost and if traffic is good. I better load some sweet tunes onto the ipod! An interesting and not so lovely thing happened to me yesterday. I know that you will probably laugh at me when I share this. I burned my foot yesterday morning. Then proceeded to soak it in cold water, put Rollies salve on it and call my mom so see what steps I should do next to ease the throbbing of my baby toe. She said I should put frozen vegetables on it for most of the day. So I headed to the freezer in search of the frozen veggies. My close friend yesterday was a bag of frozen yellow corn, may I add it wasn’t so frozen by the end of the day. You may ask what is funny about this and may cause laughter. Perhaps you should ask me how I burned my foot? Well before I went in the shower yesterday morning I turned on my hair straightener to heat it up and I laid it on the floor so it wouldn’t burn my sheets if I put it on my bed. At that point there were several things lying on my floor since I was rounding up items for the laundry, I forgot about the straightener and stepped on it. Somehow I managed to get my foot right between the hot plates. One of the guys I work with mentioned that it was pretty impressive that I managed to strategically place my foot between the two hot metal plates, I wasn’t so ammused. Anyways so I brought my frozen corn to the office with me to help ease the pain. Fortunately it was just a little burn so by evening I was feeling much better. I suppose it was a lot of fuss for a little burn but it did hurt for a while. That will teach me to lay the straightener on the floor where someone, most likely being me, can step on it! In other news it has been very very very hot lately. Almost unbearable to be outdoors. I do love the outdoors but in this heat you break a sweat standing still! Which reminds me that I need to remember my fan to bring to the lake. I am one of those people who sleeps with a fan on every night in every season. There is something about the noise, it is soothing. Tomorrow is my good friend Vicki’s birthday, she will be 24. So a couple of the girls are getting dressed up and taking her to dinner, it should be a great night. It’s wonderful to have friends that you love, I feel so blessed and I know I am. Well I think that’s all for tonight, I hope you are all doing well braving this heat!

Sleep Cool,
The Kindred Spirit

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