Oh One Day To Be Married….

Well….I am back from a tiny vacation and some time off from blogging. I know you all missed me so much….and I missed you all as well. The last few weeks have been insanely busy and I don’t think things look like they are going to slow down any time soon. I was up at Chesley Lake for a few days a couple of weeks ago and am hoping to get up for another few days come this long weekend….if my work schedule permits it. Then I come home and it’s off to Pensylvania for a weekend College and University conference for young adults interested in ministry and missions….me being the latter…..however I once heard a statement that I have adopted….”the mission field is the space between your two feet”. Anyways on Saturday my family and I headed to Stratford for my cousin’s wedding. We all traveled in one vehicle….something we have not done in a while…usually I drive so the 3 of us kids are not squished in the back. It was a bit of an adventure but a lot of fun as well. The wedding was beautiful, Steph is the first of the cousin’s to be married….she married Greg…..I think they make a beautiful couple. I know they will be very happy together. Weddings make me so happy….it is a day that usually feels like a dream come true. At least I imagine it to be that way. Sometimes I worry that I will never find the right guy…..or that he will find me….since I am quite shy when it comes to those things, although many don’t know it. I know I have to trust the Lord with my heart and that he will bring him along in his timing…..I still manage to worry a great deal over the whole thing. I suppose it is a lot of girls dream to meet the man of her dreams, get married and have a family. Those are all dreams of mine but I think somewhat more down to earth as I get older and observe what seems to work and doesn’t work in a relationship. I am glad up unto this point that I have never been in a relationship. There are too many girls who think that there whole life will be fixed when she falls in love. That her man will make everything perfect and make her feel wonderful all the time. I think that this way of thinking is too much for any human being and only sets people up for relationships that fail and lack depth. I dream of being in a relationship where I can’t wait to see the person just because I want to talk to him and hear what he thinks about things. I love to hear about couples who just love being together and have fun learning more about the other. I work with a girl who I think has a great marriage. She has such a deep respect for her husband, I see it in the way she talks about him. She loves to hang out with him. She gives me lots of great advice. She often tells me how much you have to work at your marriage to make it great……she really seems to live out what she says. I love to listen to the stories she tells me of all of the fun her and her husband have. It makes me look forward to one day doing life day by day with your best friend. Learning to love them completely…..to be able to see all of who they are and love them unconditionally. It’s like practising loving someone everyday the way that God loves us. Whoever he is….I just keep praying for him, praying that God will weave the stories of our lives together and it will be beautiful. I pray that he would come to know and love Jesus more and more everyday. Hmmm……see…..this is what weddings do to me! Anyways so there is my rant for the evening…..I better head to bed, tomorrow I need to head to the office again…..lots to be done for the new Sunday School program we are starting in the fall called 252 Basics…..lots of recruiting to be done. If any of you out there feel the desire to serve and be blessed through this program and the kids….I would absoloutely LOVE to hear from you!

Many Blessings,
The Kindred Spirit

2 thoughts on “Oh One Day To Be Married….

  1. Hey DarcIt was fun that we could all ride in one vehicle to the wedding. Of course I wasn’t squished because…I was in the front seat.Hope we can do it gain. lollove ya, mom

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