Wednesday night thoughts…

Today was a bit cooler. It was nice. I love the warm weather but it is nice to have a day where it isn’t sweltering. I worked at the mall today, it was a good day. Tonight we had our second sunday school meeting to get ready for the new program starting in september. I am really excited about the program. We just keep praying that God will place a passion for serving on people’s hearts. I trust that He will give us the people that we need. Yesterday was very hot. While I was working at the mall I was making small talk to a woman while she was checking out at the cash register. I was comenting on how hot the day was, the women’s reply made me think for the rest of the afternoon. She said “yah, it’s like hell out there”. Hmmm….it’s like hell out there. I wanted to say I don’t think you know what hell is like. It reminds me of that saying that earth is the only hell some will know and the only heaven others will know. I guess for that woman’s sake and for anyone’s sake I guess I should hope it is like hell out there and that she won’t ever have to experience what hell is like. Some of the people that come into the store say very interesting things. Tomorrow morning Josh and I are up and at it again….we are babysitting Ron and Renee’s 3 beautiful girls. They have so much energy and passion….I love it!!!! I will need to remind myself of this when my alarm goes off in the morning. I guess that’s all for tonight.

Sleep well my friends,
The Kindred Spirit

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