A Blah of a day…

Today is a blah day. You know those days where the sun is shining but you just don’t feel like its sunny. You feel like the clouds should be out or it should be raining. Today I feel sad. In yesterday’s blog I said that I thought that I would sleep great last night….I was wrong to say the least. I had a horrible sleep last night and there wasn’t much sleeping. For some reason I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid and my heart was racing. That kind of thing doesn’t happen to me very often. Usually before I go to sleep I think about all of the events of the day and of the next day and go over every detail that I can remember. Things bother me at night because I analyze it all in my mind. Last night I kept having memories of scary things and I just couldn’t find a thought of peace to lull me to sleep. This morning Josh and I were up early to babysit. This afternoon I am working at the office. So perhaps today is a blah day because I feel tired. Nothing ever seems right when I am too tired. Things bug me, my temper is quicker and I just can’t be content. I am on call to work at the mall tonight but I kind of hope I don’t have to go in but I really should want to because I need the money! Usually I get called in when I don’t want to be and I don’t get called in when I want to be….funny how that works. I guess I will find out later. Today is also hot….actually I think hot doesn’t even describe the weather…..extremely hot and humid would be a better description. We have a new air conditioner upstairs in our house….I am so thankful for that. Anyways I hope your day is less blah than mine!


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