Josh’s Graduation….Class of 2007!!!!

This past Friday was my brother Josh’s grade 8 graduation. I can’t believe that he has graduated elementary school and is already going into high school. He is my baby brother and he is growing up. My other brother greg is heading into grade 10 and will be getting his license this summer….hopefully! It is crazy when your little brothers start growing up. Change is usually good but can be scary too. This past week I have been thinking a lot about change. Sometimes when you take the risk and step out into the unknown I suppose you discover many blessings. If my parents would have not moved to this unknown place called Wainfleet, we would have missed out on so many blessings. The blessings of being part of a wonderful church, growing up in a beautiful community and getting to have so many wonderful relationships. I don’t know what the future will hold but I pray that I will be able to trust Jesus with any change he places in my path.
I also have been thinking a lot about death lately. Since the events of the past couple of weeks I have been a bit fearful. I am glad that I have the hope of heaven someday but I hope that I will be able to live long on earth. There are so many things I want to experience: getting married, having kids, raising them, travelling and meeting new people. I pray that I will get to experience these things. Tragedy can often really shake a person, even a bystander. I hope that the Lord will continue to work all these things out in my heart and mind.
Today was a good day. Church was this morning and I enjoyed a wonderful nap this afternoon. Mom and I tried this new make-up for your eyes this morning. I have very sensitive eyes and now they are swollen. I guess I won’t be using that stuff anymore, mom really likes it though! This evening my dearest friend Diana and I went to Starbucks in St. Kitts….I enjoyed a green tea frap…..oh i love them so much! After that I went for a swim, it was a perfect evening for a swim. My family had Swiss Chalet take-out and now are enjoying watching Shrek 2…I love Sunday nights. It is so great to enjoy nights like this together as a family, I love them more and more everyday. Anyways I hope that you enjoyed your Sunday wherever you are.

The Kindred Spirit

One thought on “Josh’s Graduation….Class of 2007!!!!

  1. Good blog Darc! Yes your eyes certainly are much for beauty you get out of a bottle. Your beauty is much better because it comes out from the inside and doesn’t cause swelling! love mom

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