Thanks God for a Great Dad….

Today is a new day. The sun is shining and it is beautiful. Thank you Lord for a new day with new opportunities and new ways to be thankful. Today I am especially thankful for my Dad. He is a wonderful Dad. He spends lots of time with us kids. He always has time to make me laugh. He is great to talk with. I love how he is so wise and smart, I always like to ask him questions about life. One time Greg and I were wrestling Dad and we were determined to get him down on the ground. It was a hard fight but took him out….sweet victory….I am glad he wasn’t hurt….lol! I love going to the car races with him at Chesley Lake. I like it when we play tennis and talk macs, and when he tries to explain how a car works to me. I also like it when he grabs my chin and say giblit gravy. I couldn’t ask for a better Dad and someday I hope my future husband is like him. Happy Father’s Day Dad, I am so proud to be your little girl.

Yours Truly,

2 thoughts on “Thanks God for a Great Dad….

  1. What wonderful things to say about your dad. He is a wonderful man! And yes you will do well to find a husband just like him!Love that picture…it was take in Florida on our family vacation. lol!

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