It was a sad loss last night….

It was a tough loss last night for the Sens. I am quite disappointed. I really felt bad for Chris Phillips, I hope he doesn’t get down on that goal, he has been so strong this year. Mike Fisher played his heart out, he is a force to be reckoned with and he alone deserved that cup. I guess that is it for the hockey season, sad really. It has been great though, I will look forward to next season. Now it is summer time, time to enjoy the outdoors! I went for a drive 2 nights ago, out by the lake. I love it by the water. I really connect with God when I am by water. I look out and think that it is so big and beautiful and my God created it. You can just stand and listen to the sounds and breathe in the air. I was there right as the sun was setting, an experience everyone should have more than once. I hope that this summer will hold many beach days.

I was at Costco shopping this morning for the church picnic, which is this Sunday. I am excited but very nervous because it is my first year running the whole thing. There will be lots for the whole family: face painting, beading, nail pound, candy guess, log saw, a jousting pit, cotton candy, hair braiding, a basketball shoot, a graffitti wall and so much more. I hope people enjoy the time of fellowship. Friday night is Ignite, a night for young adults with worship and a speaker and food. I am looking forward to it. Oh the fun never stops….wink wink!

We had our last Refuge this past Sunday night. It was fun. We started off with a water balloon toss and the kids soaked me. I was wet for the entire night. It probably would have been a good idea to do the water balloon toss at the end except we thought it was going to rain so we wanted to get the game in before it rained. Good thing because it poured afterward. However, I was still drenched all night… is wonderful to work with youth! Here are a few pics from the night….

What a pleasure for me it has been to get to know and love these fantastic youth….I hope the Lord continues to bless and grow them!

Anyways I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful day. I thought it looked cold so I put on jeans and a sweater….turns out I need capris and a t-shirt!
Be Blessed, Darc

3 thoughts on “It was a sad loss last night….

  1. Hi Darcie girl!I’m so proud of your work at Sherkston…you were faithful even when you didn’t feel like going…you grew in love for that group of kids. What a girl!Just a word of warning…stay away from Costco…it’s dangerous…lol!

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