A little taste of Heaven….

On Saturday night I went to the Hillsong United concert in Toronto. It was simply amazing. I think it must be the closest taste of heaven I have ever experienced. 12000 people worshipping God. His holy spirit was present and working in the lives and hearts of people. 100 people accepted Christ. For some of the songs I just stood there with tears in my eyes because I was so overwhelmed by the very presence of the God that I serve. The energy in that place was incredible. We jumped, we shouted, we laughed and cried, we sang our hearts out until we had no voice left to sing. Nothing more than a desire for God to fill us up with more of himself until we overflow….I want that, I want that more than I ever have before. I was struck with a thought about my brother Ben while I was there. For those of you who don’t know, my older brother Ben died 3 years ago. He was severly handicapped all of his life and a pure joy. I miss him. It helps to know that his body is no longer broken and he doesn’t want to come home because he is with Jesus. Sometime I will blog more about him. However, back to my thought about Ben. I was thinking about how what I was experiencing must not compare to heaven and how Ben must love it there. He must jump and sing and see everything (Ben was blind while here on earth) and love being in the presence of God. It helps to know he is better off where he is, helps the hurt ya know?
Here are a few pics from the concert…..or worship night….perhaps both…..

Starfield was also there, they were good. Our youth got there a little late so we didn’t get very good seats for Starfield but a few of us managed to sneak past security into the sweet seats at the front section for the Hillsong concert, so I enjoyed wonderful seats for Hillsong! It pays to be creative….lol! The Sens won on Saturday night as well….I didn’t see the game but Mike scored….yah!
My dearest friend BJ is coming to visit me this week. She will be here for a few days. She is going home to Georgia soon and I will miss her very much. We lived together for a year because we were on the same ministry team, it is always wonderful to be in her presence.
Tonight was the last Refuge at Sherkston. It was great to be together. I have enjoyed getting to know and build relationships with those kids. I hope I will be able to stay in touch with many of them. Anyways it is another busy week. I better head to bed.
I will leave you with a thought from one of my favourite movies ‘Anne of Green Gables’….”Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it yet”.
Yours Truly,
The Kindred Spirit

One thought on “A little taste of Heaven….

  1. Dearest Darcie, What an experience it was to be at that concert with you… It is during times like that when I am so thankful to be alive! And what a miracle it was for us to score those seats… It made the show to be what it was! I was also very inspired by the music and the whole presentation of the worship on Saturday. And I keep going back to what Joel said about how even though he was looking out at such a vast crowd, he recognized that we are all individuals created by God with a specific purpose in mind. How I want to live worthy of that calling He has placed on my life! And together, as one body, we CAN reach a broken nation!Just like the words of the song:”As we lift up our eyes, fill our hearts with Your fire, in this world, we’ll be the difference!” And what a day that will be when we are all worshipping in heaven! Keep the blogs coming… Diana 🙂

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