Faith like a Child…

Tonight we had a campfire with some friends from church. A little celebration of the end of school I guess you could say. I had to work until 9 but I joined them afterwards. It was so good to be together. I love being together with other believers who are friends. I love it when […]

Josh’s Graduation….Class of 2007!!!!

This past Friday was my brother Josh’s grade 8 graduation. I can’t believe that he has graduated elementary school and is already going into high school. He is my baby brother and he is growing up. My other brother greg is heading into grade 10 and will be getting his license this summer….hopefully! It is […]

My Favourite Things….

I always like it when Oprah does her favourite things show. I also always wish that I could be in the audience when she does those shows. I could go home with some of Oprah’s favourite things. What are your favourite things? Here is a list of ten of my favourite things (that I can […]

Thanks God for a Great Dad….

Today is a new day. The sun is shining and it is beautiful. Thank you Lord for a new day with new opportunities and new ways to be thankful. Today I am especially thankful for my Dad. He is a wonderful Dad. He spends lots of time with us kids. He always has time to […]

Cry Out To Jesus….

Today the words of this song are on my heart. I will share them with you…. Cry Out To Jesus – Third Day To everyone who’s lost someone they lovelong before it was their time.You feel like the days you had were not enoughwhen you said goodbye. And to all of the people with burdens […]

Help God, Please Help….

Yesterday was a horrible day. Right beside our house a young woman from our community was killed. She is the mom of 2 boys. In our community everyone pretty much knows everyone. Some of the family goes to our church. It was aweful and I am glad that yesterday is over. The mom was riding […]

It was a sad loss last night….

It was a tough loss last night for the Sens. I am quite disappointed. I really felt bad for Chris Phillips, I hope he doesn’t get down on that goal, he has been so strong this year. Mike Fisher played his heart out, he is a force to be reckoned with and he alone deserved […]

A little taste of Heaven….

On Saturday night I went to the Hillsong United concert in Toronto. It was simply amazing. I think it must be the closest taste of heaven I have ever experienced. 12000 people worshipping God. His holy spirit was present and working in the lives and hearts of people. 100 people accepted Christ. For some of […]