I am now a class G driver….

It’s amazing how fear plays such a huge role in life, at least in my life. Fear holds us back from accomplishing things. It makes us worry to no end. It gets into our heads and just does not want to leave. Today was my final driver’s test. Fear has been in my head for a long long time waiting for this day. I am so glad it is over. And yes I passed….praise the Lord. Thanks to all those who prayed for me. Today I realized again how much the Lord cares about the little things that seem so big in our lives. My driver’s test is small compared to the AIDS crisis and compared to people struggling with a disease or a loss but today it was overwhelming and I knew that even though it was a small thing the Lord was with me and He was my helper. It is a reminder for us in our everyday lives that Jesus knows what’s going on and he walks with us. Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with my friend Carmen. She is a missionary in London, England. I was there last April doing short term missions. I had the chance to spend a lot of time with her. It was great to hear about how the Lord is at work through her. She works very closely with the religion of Islam and ministering to muslims. I would really love to go back to England. I think about it often. Another day I will share more about my experience there. Perhaps someday the Lord will provide an opportunity for me to go back. This Saturday night I am going to Toronto for the Hillsong and Starfield concert, I am very excited. Some more good news is my mom started to blog. You can check out her blog at lilchatsfrommybrownrocker.blogspot.com. I am so blessed to have her as my mom.
The Sens just lost game #2. I am quite disappointed. Fisher has been playing his heart out though, very impressive. The Sens head to Ottawa now though so hopefully that will spark some new life into them. I think Don Cherry agrees with me as well! Anyways i think tonight I will sleep better than I did last night. I feel quite happy right now. Thank you Lord.
That’s all for tonight, hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather,
The Kindred Spirit

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