Pitch N’ Praise 2007….good times….

This past weekend was Pitch N’ Praise. An annual student conference where 2000 kids meet together, pitch a tent and praise God. It was probably the best Pitch I have ever been to. There were some great bands there like Tree 63, Jonezetta, Underdown (from the UK), Glenn Kaiser, Manafest and a few others. The theme this year was Storyline….so there were lots of different speakers sharing their stories. There was a story lounge for the students where they could blog, paint, record, etc. their stories. I thought this was an amazing theme because it relates to every single person. We all have a story to share. My favourite DJ, DJ Kubiks was there again. I especially enjoyed the club….also known as the Liquidiser….a great place to bust-a-move! It is amazing and overwhelming to meet with so many other people who share your faith. The last session together we stacked our chairs and just worshiped, what a moment! I was sad to go home but I left with a new energy in my faith. It was great to see so many people again. To top off the weekend the Senators have advanced to the Stanley Cup finals….awesome. Below are some pics from the weekend. Sorry for the lack of blogging for those who read…..this week has been really busy!

So it was pretty much an amazing weekend. I will write more soon.
Yours truly,
The Kindred Spirit

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