Hockey Nation, Velvet Elvis and the beauty of a mac….

My house has somewhat become a hockey nation. I love hockey and I love the play-offs. So we have created the Mashinter Family Hockey pool where others can join if they wish. We get 2 points if we guess the team that wins the certain series and an extra point if we choose the correct number of games they win it in. My mom, who I love dearly, is the one in our family who likes hockey the least. Of course she is smoking the entire family in the hockey pool. It just isn’t right. I really hope that I can make a come-back in round 2 of the series. I chose Buffalo in 5, Ottawa in 6, Vancouver in 6 and Detroit in 6. I love the Sabres, they are my team. However, I also really like the Senators. Many people would say…”how can you like two teams that are such rivals?”….but I still do. Some of my favourite players play for the Senators – Mike Fisher, Dean McAmmond, Mike Comrie, Jason Spezza…..they have a strong team. My brother found a great pic….I thought that I would share it with you. He shares my love for the Sabres but not the Sens!

It’s great to live in a hockey nation!

On another front, I started reading Velvet Elvis… a book by Rob Bell. I love it already. He pastors a church in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Mars Hill, I really enjoy his teaching. I am busy working on my mother’s day video for mother’s day Sunday at church. It is incredible how much time and detail goes into video editing. Seeing the finished product is worth it though. Oh the wonderful things you can do on a MAC! Once you go mac, you’ll never go back!

That’s all for today….except for – GO SABRES GO,

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