Nachos, Nachos and more Nachos….

This weekend was pretty eventful. On Saturday night we had our College, University and Career (CUC) Movie night Mexican Fiesta. I have to say it was a great night together. We watched The Guardian. I really dislike the ending of that movie. Why on earth does he have to die, sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen it. We had some spicy mexican food….have you ever seen so many nachos! Anyways it was a fun time, I will look forward to our next event.

Last night we had REFUGE at Sherkston. We had a games night and also ate more nachos. The band Truth Epidemic played. As we were singing and jumping I was reminded of how when it all comes down to it the only thing that really matters is Jesus. Do you have a relationship with him, is it thriving and passionate? That is the kind of relationship I want to have with him. Anyways Pitch N’ Praise is coming in May and I can’t wait to hang out with these amazing youth!

So it was a fun weekend. Tonight is scraps and threads with the girls at the church. Last week I attempted to learn how to crochet, I didn’t get very far and I must say the idea of crocheting an entire blanket seems like an impossible goal. Perhaps I will settle for a dishcloth. That’s all for now.
Yours truly,
The Kindred Spirit

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